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Restaurants, pubs, stadiums, traveling agents, deliverers and transportation services, all need wireless credit card processing technology in order to accept credit cards.

Merchant account providers use different names when referring to wireless terminals. Such names can include: wireless terminal, wireless credit card machine, wireless credit card processing, wireless credit card reader, wireless processing and wireless swipe machine.

These wireless terminals function exactly as the good old retail terminals, using wireless technology (usually GPRS) in order to connect to the credit card processing network and perform authorize, capture and refund transactions.

Some of the most appealing merchant account offerings include a free wireless credit card terminal, yet prior to making a final decision, you should make sure that together with all other aspects of the merchant account package, the suggested offer is the one that suits you most.

Different packages will suit different needs. If you anticipate very low volumes, a free wireless device, with no or low monthly processing minimum is the account for you. For high volumes the free wireless terminal or lack of monthly minimums is meaningless.

When choosing your merchant account package don’t forget to compare rates and fees, reporting capabilities, merchant tools, fraud prevention utilities, customer support availability and payment schedules.

If you have a fixed location look for Retail Merchant Account or Domestic Merchant Account in the relevant sections of our website.

Wireless Credit Card Terminal -

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Merchant Express
Choose from a variety of wireless terminals offered. Get a direct merchant account & a wireless credit card reader and accept credit cards on the move. Use your wireless swipe machine anywhere. More on Merchant Express
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Get a wireless terminal or use the mTerminal for iPhone and iPod Touch. More on goEmerchant
Accept by Phone
Need a wireless credit card processing solution? It's simpler than you think! Just pick up your phone, dial a toll free number and start processing. Use your phone to accept credit cards! More on Accept by Phone
Get Dinero
Looking for a wireless merchant account solution? GetDinero invites you to compare wireless credit card processing alternatives prior to applying for a Get Dinero merchant account. More on Get Dinero
1st National Processing
Open a merchant account, get a wireless terminal and start wireless credit card processing. Use your wireless swipe machine anywhere you are and accept credit cards on the roads. More on 1st National Processing
Cherry Account
Get a free wireless terminal and start wireless credit card processing on the road. Open a Cherry merchant account and benefit from low rates, 24/7 tech support and yearly warranty. More on Cherry Account
Total Merchant Services
Start accepting credit cards using a wireless device and boost your business to new levels. Open a wireless credit card processing account and get the Nurit 8000 free of charge. More on Merchant Services Total
Applied Merchant
Capture the moment. Join the wireless credit card processing world and start accepting credit cards where and when a shopper (finally) makes the decision to buy. More on Applied Merchant
Air Charge
Wireless software and hardware solutions. Convert your cell phone into a wireless credit card processing machine. Check your device compatability now. Turn your cell into a wireless swipe machine! More on Air Charge
Universal Merchant Services
Choose one out of three different wireless credit card processing options available: Wireless dedicated terminal, mobile phone with a swiper or adding a swiper to your laptop. More on Universal Merchant Services