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Merchants looking for a merchant account

We know that there are cases in which obtaining a merchant account turns into a complicated task. If you are a merchant in the high risk industry, if your business is new and aiming for high volumes, if your field of experties is somewhat regulatory challenged, if you had a merchant account that's been terminated or for any other reason find yourself in a position you keep getting regected - most chances are we have the solution for you!

Contact us, provide: first, middle & last name, phone, cell phone, company name, URL, type of business, country, business age, estimated monthly volume, average & highest ticket, if you ever processed credit cards before and the reason for requesting this account (TMF, low credit score, capped volume, new business or high chargeback rate - indicate % monthly) and the way you process (retail, wireless, moto, manually swiped or internet) and we will find you a credit card processing solution. Simply email to:

Payment Services Providers which are not included in this directory

If you are an established player in the Credit Card Processing world, yet for some reason, we did not include you in our directory, please bring it to our attention. In order for us to examine your request please provide us with your website URL and all relevant information you wish to share. We will make our best effort to include you on our next site update. We make no guarantee to add any additional provider to our site and reserve the right to make final decisions regarding inclusions of providers. Simply email to:

Payment Service Providers which are included in this directory

If you found yourself included in our directory – Congratulations!

We are making every effort to fairly present your offered services, terms of use and other points of interest, which we believe may be used by potential merchants, prior to making a decision on applying for a merchant account.

Your business offering is described in the directory based on the public information you posted on your website. If you found inaccuracy in our presentation or wish to provide us with additional information (such as pricing, features or special coupons) or otherwise see the need to approach us – please contact us and we will make our best effort to amend accordingly. Simply email to:

Active Merchants - commenting on merchant account providers

Last but not least. These are the inputs we are most interested in. If you applied for a merchant account, or already accepting credit cards, and want to share your good/bad experience with a certain provider, please contact us. We believe first hand testimonies are much better than any written material. We will do our best to check the information you provided us and decide upon the best way to reflect it for the benefit of all.

When contacting us, please send emails to: