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Wireless Terminal

Universal Merchant Services

If you are a mobile merchant, who whishs to accept credit cards while on the go, Universal Merchant Services has three appealing credit card processing solutions for you:

  1. The Nurit 8000, a sophisticated GPRS wireless terminal, with all the features you can think of;
  2. a mobile phone with a credit card swiper - use one wireless device instead of two;
  3. a swiper for your laptop - turn your laptop into a full credit card processing machine.

One of these three is bound to satisfy your wireless processing needs. Signup with Universal Merchant Services and accept credit cards anytime & anywhere.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

with Universal Merchant Services

Main features:

Credit Cards Accepted:
  1. Visa;
  2. MasterCard;
  3. American Express;
  4. Discover.
Wireless credit card devices:
  1. Wireless terminal;
  2. Mobile phone with a swiper;
  3. Swiper for your laptop.