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The mTerminal by go merchant
The mTerminal by GoEmerchant is a full featured Virtual Terminal for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Use a reliable, safe and secured all in one solution to accept credit cards anywhere you are.
GoEmerchant has fabulously minimized their state of the art virtual terminal to nicely fit in the palm of your hand! It's simple, intuitive and makes accepting credit cards on the go as easy as doing it from your home computer!
mTerminal main features:
  1. Credit Card & ACH Payments
  2. AVS, CVV2 & Fraud prevention tools
  3. Batch Settlements
  4. Recurring Billing
  5. Installment Payments
  6. Schedule Future Payments
  7. Create Unlimited Custom Fields
  8. Email Receipt
  9. Refunds & Voids
  10. PCI Compliant
  11. Search Transactions
  12. 3-D Dashboard Charts
  13. Customer Information Management
  14. Manage Multiple Users
mTerminal rates and fees:
  1. As low as 1.99% + 25 Cents/transaction
  2. FREE iPhone™ Merchant Account Setup
  3. FREE Payment Gateway Included!
  4. FREE SSL Certificate
  5. FREE Virtual Terminal for PC Included!
  6. FREE Unlimited Support
The mTerminal by GoEmerchant
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InnerFence iPhone CC Terminal by MerchantFocus

Derek Del Conte and Ryan D Johnson founded Inner Fence in September 2007.
InnerFence fully supports the Authorize.Net payment gateway - watch an Authorized.Net case study video.
InnerFence has joined forces with MerchantFocus, providing a merchant friendly credit card processing solution for iPhone.
InnerFence main features:
  1. All major Credit & Debit cards accepted
  2. Includes Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal
  3. Sends email receipts to customers
  4. QuickBooks Integration System INCLUDED!
  5. Apply for Amex & Discover on initial Application
  6. Funds deposited directly into your bank account
    in two business days!
  7. Instant establishment of your Merchant ID #:
    Your live Visa/MasterCard Merchant ID is issued to you as soon as you submit the online application!
InnerFence rates and fees:
  1. VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount R - 2.09%
  2. VISA/MasterCard Non-Qualified Rate - 3.79%
  3. Per Transaction Fee - $0.24
  4. Monthly Service Fee - $10.00
  5. Chargeback/ACH Return Fee - $25.00
  6. Authorize.Net set up fee - FREE
  7. Authorize.Net Monthly Access Fee - $15.00
  8. Authorize.Net Per Transaction Fee - FREE
  9. NO Leasing Costs
  10. NO Application Fees
  11. NO Annual Fees
  12. NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees
  13. NO Batch Header Fees
  14. NO Termination Penalties
  15. Customer & Tech Support - Toll Free 24/7
InnerFence by MerchantFocus
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Mobile Merchant Pro by 1st National Processing

Mobile Merchant Pro™ - The credit card processing virtual terminal iPhone & iPod Touch application
Get a 1st National Processing merchant account with a FREE Mobile Merchant Pro application or use your Authorize.net or PayPal Website Payment Pro account with Mobile Merchant Pro application.
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Mobile Merchant Pro main features:
  1. Mobile Credit Card Processing application
  2. Very easy to operate
  3. Works with lots of mobile phones:
  4. iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry & Android
  5. Compatible with Authorize.net
  6. Compatible with PayPal Website Payment Pro
  7. User friendly transaction reporting
  8. Secured - credit card numbers
    are never stored on your mobile phone
Mobile Merchant Pro rates and fees:
  1. FREE application with a merchant account
  2. Already have an: Authorize.net or
    PayPal Website Payment Pro?
    Download now for only $19.99!
Mobile Merchant Pro
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MerchantWARE Mobile by Merchant Warehouse

MerchantWARE Mobile is a FREE application that enables real-time credit card transaction processing, once connected to a WiFi, Edge or 3G network.
MerchantWARE Mobile is available for BlackBerry® Bold, Curve, Pearl & Storm, as well as for Apple® iPhone and iTouch devices.
When using with a BlackBerry, an additional card reader for swiping cards exists, which is more convenient, secured and cost effective.
MerchantWARE main features:
  1. Credit Card Payments
  2. Encrypted and secured SSL connection
  3. Sensitive card data is never stored on your device
  4. Easily perform: sale, refund and void
  5. Robust detailed transaction reporting:
  6. Transaction summary,
  7. Totals by card type, and transaction details
  8. Simply set the date settings and view the reports
  9. Automated end-of-day batch procedure
  10. Complies with PCI-DSS/PABP
  11. Includes the MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal -
  12. a free PC Virtual Terminal.
  13. Quick reference guide for user assistance
MerchantWARE rates and fees:
  1. Low Cost Guarantee
  2. FREE Application
  3. No additional gateway or cellular access fees
  4. No contract, termination or annual fees
  5. No need for an expensive wireless terminal
  6. FREE PC Virtual Terminal
MerchantWARE Mobile
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epnMobile by Merchant Express

epnMobile helps you turn your cell phone into a true wireless terminal, using a Bluetooth Swiper. You can accept credit cards with your cell phone and benefit from card present rates.
epnMobile is compatible with the following phones: Blackberry 8820, Pearl, Storm, Curve and 0S 4.2 or Motorola phones i870, i580, ic902, i880, RAZR & ROKR (except for Verizon) and any other cell phone with: Java ME, web browsing capability, MIDP 2.0, Bluetooth (JSR-82) and CLDC 1.1.
Choose your preferred Bluetooth swiper: a Bluetooth magnetic swipe reader or same with a built in printer.
epnMobile main features:
  1. Credit Card processing via your cell phone
  2. Cost effective - Card Present rates
  3. Transactions sent securely to processing servers
  4. Keyed in transactions as back up procedure enabled
  5. Access to web based transaction manager
  6. Search transactions and historical reports generator
  7. Real time transactions viewing
  8. Issue credits and voids
  9. Bluetooth swipers
  10. Very easy to use
  11. Software installed over the air
epnMobile rates and fees:
  1. FREE epnMobile Software
  2. Wireless Gateway fee - 10 Cents/T
  3. Wireless Gateway Monthly Access $14.95
  4. Bluetooth Swiper $149 (swiper only) - $379 (plus printer)
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