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Wireless Terminal

Get Dinero looks at the world of credit card processing from the equipment angle. It will sell you brand new, sophisticated, wireless terminal, in give away prices.

Why? Because GetDinero wants your business to process credit cards with them. Take your new wireless swipe machine on the roads and accept credit cards.

And what about credit card processing fees? That is a surprise; Get Dinero offers some of the lowest rates in the merchant account industry (starting at 1.18%+$0.15 per transaction).

What should you do? Compare prices, apply for a merchant account with Get Dinero, purchase your wireless terminal and start processing credit cards.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing


Rates and Fees:

Transaction Fees as low as 1.18% + $0.15/transaction
(Not necessarily for wireless -
Verify and apply).

Wireless terminal main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover.
Other means of payment: Debit cards, gift cards and checks
Customer Support 24/7
Other Features: Free terminal programs,
Free replacement warranty,
Online reporting.