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Wireless swipe machine?

AirCharge is a developer of software and hardware of payment applications, specializing in wireless credit card processing.

AirCharge technology converts your mobile phone into a sophisticated wireless terminal that can accept all major credit cards, debit cards and checks.

This eliminates the need to purchase a wireless terminal and to carry another wireless swipe machine along with your cell phone just to accept credit cards.

AirCharge solutions are compatible with all major front end processors (see list) and provide you with all the features you need in order to manage your merchant account.

To benefit from the AirCharge solutions, simply go to friendly website and, a. find out easily if your mobile phone is compatible with the AirCharge solution, and b. decide what equipment suits you most and order.

Note, AirCharge also offers placing your merchant account with excellent credit card processing discount rates; Both options are clearly stated.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing


Rates and Fees - AirCharge Gateway only:

Gateway Setup Fee $50.00
Per Transaction Fee $0.05/transaction
Discount Rate N/A
Monthly Fee None
Statement Fee N/A
Early termination/Annual Fee None

Rates and Fees - with AirCharge Merchant account:

Gateway Setup Fee Free
Per Transaction Gateway Fee Free
Discount Rate Interchange Pass Through + 0.25%
Merchant Transaction Fee $0.25/transaction
Monthly Fee $15.00/month
Statement Fee $6.00/month
Early termination None
Annual Fee $99.00

Main features:

Front end processors supprted:
(Ask your merchant account provider
"who is my front-end processor?")
  1. Global Payment Systems
  2. Vital
  3. Chase Paymentech
  4. FDMS Omaha (FDR)
  5. FDMS Nashville
  6. Card Systems
  7. Elavon
  8. BuyPass