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What is a Virtual Terminal?

An online Virtual Terminal is a web-based application one can access from any computer that has internet connectivity using a user name and password.

Once logged in, a world of credit card processing is enabled. Using an online graphical user interface (GUI), the user can (manually) enter credit card details (received earlier by fax or phone) and perform any credit card processing transaction usually performed through a physical device, such as authorize, capture and refund.

Virtual terminals are often used by online entrepreneurs. These (usually home based businesses) do not have the volume that justifies full automated online integration, and use the virtual terminal as an ‘in between’ solution, until business activity grows to a full scale automated site.

Most online businesses, even if fully integrated to an automated solution, maintain a virtual terminal connectivity for back up and back office purposes

Today’s virtual terminals are usually: easy to use, accessed via SSL, enable separate authorization and settlement transactions, connected to AVS and CVV fraud tests and support multi user access with multiple permissions.

When choosing a virtual terminal provider, one should check all other aspects of credit card processing, such as: merchant account vs third party processing, fraud management capabilities, merchant tools and reports, rates and payment schedules.

Online Virtual Terminal

Open a merchant account with North American Bancard and choose the virtual terminal that suits you best out of 4 options: PC Charge, Retail PC @ Advantage, Dial Charge and More on NABancard
Start processing with Lift Merchant Services and benefit from a web-based application virtual terminal you can access from any Internet Cafe.
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eCom Merchant Solutions
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Versa Pay
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My Payment Services
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avp Solutions
The multi feature AVPS eComm virtual terminal has it all: authorize, capture, refund, partial refund, multiple transactions treatment and enhanced fraud screening tools. More on avp Solutions
Noble Pay
NoblePay uses Authorize.Net gateway and it's EasyPay Virtual Terminal. Advanced security features including Authorize.Net transaction filters.
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National Merchant Bancard
Free sophisticated Virtual Terminal for mail and phone orders. Start processing credit cards today. Accept all major credit card brands. Amex & Discover free setup . More on National Merchant Bancard
Electronic Clearing House, Inc.
ECHO is traded over NASDAQ and processes over $7Billion annually. ECHO's Virtual Terminal is ready to receive your phone and mail order cards. All major credit card brands in multiple currencies. More on Echo
Sage Payments
Signup for a merchant account with Sage and receive a free: gateway, virtual terminal and shopping cart. Work on your site and eliminate the need for a virtual terminal all together. More on SagePayments