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International merchant accounts usually include advanced features which are rarely found in domestic merchant accounts.
Multi-currency processing, international fraud capabilities, ability to accept various types of credit cards, improved reporting capabilities and a higher acceptance rate are all usually included when opening an international credit card processing account.

Multi-currency processing enables a merchant to sell his goods or services in his shoppers’ local currencies. This ability usually opens additional markets, decrease abandon rates and increase total volumes.

Smart online merchants use this feature with IP locator and upload the site in the shoppers’ local currency upfront. This feature immediately enhances the local shopping experience.

Many providers offer a merchant account, yet when trying to apply one finds they mostly serve US domestic businesses. If you are a non US merchant looking for a credit card processing solution you need to consider either a local provider or an international credit card processing account.

Most US merchants will apply for a US domestic merchant account, yet, in certain cases, you may discover that it is easier to open an international merchant account (or a high risk merchant account) than to get an approved domestic merchant account.

Though international credit card processing sounds like the perfect solution, it will usually be tied to higher processing costs.

As in any business decision, you should consider pros and cons, check available alternatives and compare prices.

International Merchant Account

Online turn-key payment solutions for International and US merchants. Accept all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Multi-currency processing, risk management & tangible goods. More on 2Checkout
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Strada Fee
StradaFee’s website was removed from the web. no longer directs potential international merchants to seek merchant account with StradaFee. More on Strada Fee
Im Global Payments
International credit card processing: Supports lots of credit card brands and other payment methods. Multi-currency processing. Fraud screening, batch processing and recurring transactions. More on Im Global Payments
Merchant Services Delivered
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bcc Mauritius
International payment service provider of the State Bank of Mauritius. Enables selling online in all major currencies, through VerePay gateway. Advanced fraud protection tools. More on bcc Mauritius
World Pay
20 years of international multi-currency credit card processing experience. Presence in 45 countries. Robust fraud screening engines. Global 24/7 customer support. More on World Pay
Unique international credit card processing solutions: Tickets club, Classic and Pro. Choose the level of involvement you take on yourself. Transact in 9 major currencies. More on Verotel
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