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Your business is not something you want to play around with! When it comes to wireless credit card processing, you need to make sure you are in good hands, processing with a wireless swipe machine.

With 1st National Processing there is no room for guessing, what you read is what you get; A merchant account provider that has over 15 years of experience, serving over 200,000 merchants.

If you are a mobile merchant, who needs to accept credit cards on the go, Sign up with 1st National Processing and choose one of the wireless credit card machines offered.

1st National Processing will process your transactions through First Data and Vital - first class acquiring banks, while providing superior customer support and low credit card processing costs.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

with 1st National Processing

Wireless processing rates:

Wireless swipe machine one time
Visa/MC Qual D Rate: 1.76%
Visa/MC Mid Qual D R: 2.39%
Visa/MC Non Qual D R: 3.39%
Debit Card D Rate: 1.55%
Discover D Rate: 1.69%
Amex D Rate: 2.95%
Transaction Fee 21-22 Cents/T
Statement Fee $8.00/M
Minimum M Fee Waived
Annual Fee Waived
Wireless Access $15-$20/M
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Wireless processing main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover.
Other means of payment: Debit cards and checks
Customer Support 24/7