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Retail Merchant Account

Accept credit cards today!

Retailers operate off and on line, yet when using the term retail in the context of a merchant account, one usually refers to a physical store where cards are swiped through credit card processing terminals.

These swipe machines are connected (by phone or internet) to the credit card network and enable data transactions passing back and forth between you and (last in chain) shopper’s issuing bank.

Using these terminals you will be able to perform authorize, capture and refund transactions on your shoppers’ credit card accounts.

Many merchant account providers offer a free point of sale terminal as part of their retail merchant account offering.

Some of these offerings are indeed appealing, yet prior to jumping on the first free terminal offering out there, one needs to consider other aspects of credit card processing.

In order to accept credit cards you will need to open a merchant account or use a third party processing solution.

When choosing the right solution for you, compare rates, fees (and hidden fees), payment schedules, merchant tools, fraud prevention tools and reporting capabilities.

If you have a web site and need online credit card processing capabilities look for Credit Card virtual terminal and Domestic Merchant Account as well.

Retail Credit Card Processing

United Bank Card
United Bank Card provides retail merchant accounts all over the US and process over $6 Billion annually. With guaranteed fixed rates, free hardware and 98% approval rate you just can't go wrong... More on United Bank Card
Fast Transact
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The Transaction Group
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Open a retail merchant account, accept credit cards and track your sales and deily deposits online. Applications approved the next business day. No application nor setup fees required. More on Vswipe
Sun State Merchant Services
30 days risk free trial for Sun State retail merchant account plus plenty other free goodies: terminal, reprogramming & pin debit access. No application nor setup fees. More on Sun State Merchant Services
Free Credit Card Processing
Open a retail merchant account and process debit cards for 1.49% plus 25 Cents and credit cards for 1.79% plus 20 Cents. Use your free terminal - start accepting credit cards today. More on Free Credit Card Processing
Complete Merchant Services
Apply for a retail merchant account with Complete Merchant Services and get the retail merchant account that suits you best, out of ten possible options. More on Complete Merchant Services
Open a retail merchant account with CDGcommerce and benefit from a free terminal and two tier discount rates. Use the revolutinary MerchantPortal™ system and minimize fraud and chargebacks. More on CDGCommerce
English is not your mother's tounge and you feel more comfortable comunicating in Spanish or French? Open a retail merchant account with usBSI and enjoy a true multi lingual support. More on usBSI
Strategic Merchant
Strategic Merchant Solutions guarantees to save you money. Open a retail merchant account, save money, or get $500 instead.
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