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GoToBilling is all about revolutionizing the way you run your business, making some sense in the cacophony created by the different software modules and manual procedures you use.

Built on user friendly philosophy, GoToBilling combines marketing, invoicing, CRM and payment modules, that retrieve, present and control the different aspects of your business.

The payment module was created to facilitate all payments, in and out of your business. It has a built in payment gateway and it supports face to face transactions, recurring billing, phone sales, web site sales, shopping cart transactions and more.

Apart from credit card processing, GoToBilling can handle checks and ACH transactions as well. With GoToBilling dealing with payments is never disconnected from the rest of your business.

Sign up with GoToBilling and combine all your activities into one smart application.

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Payment Gateway with

Main features:

• Accepted Merchants:
• US Merchants
• Credit Cards Accepted:
• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Other means of payment:
• Check
• Customer Support:
• Live chat
• toll free
• Other Features:
• Shopping cart
• Virtual terminal
• Recurring billing
• Enhanced reporting