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Payment Gateway

with PaymentExpress

Use Payment Express, the powerful payment gateway developed by DPS, if you are looking for credit card processing in Australia, New Zeeland, The Far East, South Africa or the United Kingdom.

Payment Express can accommodate electronic payments generated by web sites, IVR, POS, CRM and billing systems or keyed in, seamlessly and in real time.

e-Commerce merchants can opt to use Payment Express hosted solution, host the payment package on their server or use Payline® virtual terminal to process transactions manually.

Signup with Payment Express and let the DPS engineers customize the payment gateway functionality to better suit your needs.

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Get your Payment Gateway
Get your Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway with PaymentExpress

Main features:

• Merchants Accepted:
• Australia
• New Zeeland
• The Far East
• South Africa
• United Kingdom
• Other Features:
• Hosted customizable payment pages
• Virtual terminal
• integrated EFT
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)