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Retail merchant account

The transaction group, a proficient credit card processing service, offers a complete cost effective retail merchant account.

Try it out and file a retail merchant account application. No application fees are charged, nor would you commit to a long term contract or to any cancelation fee. Merchant accounts are set within 48 hours. Once accepted, no setup fees nor re-programming fees will apply.

Benefit from competitive discount rates and low monthly fees, with no monthly minimums. Purchase your storefront POS terminal in a fair price, without entering into costly long term leases or ‘free’ offers that are usually reflected on your retail discount rates.

With The Transaction Group, credit card processing is transparent, fair and easy.

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Retail Credit Card Processing


Retail rates and fees:

Application Fee Waived
Reprogramming Fee Waived
Visa/MC Discount Rate 1.75%
Statement Fee $10.00/month
Transaction Fee $0.20/transaction
Monthly Minimun Waived
Cancellation Fees Waived

Retail main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover.
Customer Support 24/7
Payment Schedule Visa & MC: within 2 business days
Amex & Discover: 3-4 business days