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14 years of providing payment processing solutions, serving over 60,000 merchants all over the US, over $6 Billion processed annually, award winning customer support services - all made United Bank Card (UBC) what it is - a leader in the US credit card processing industry.

Open a retail merchant account with UBC you get to process with an established credit card processing provider who can deliver on his promises.

Avoid any setup and application fees, get to benefit from low processing fixed rates, and get the Nurit 8320 advanced terminal, together with free Signature Capture e-pad and Check Reader to compliment it.

You want to accept credit cards. UBC can and wants to help you. Sure sounds like a match!

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Get your Payment Gateway
Get your Payment Gateway

Retail Credit Card Processing


Retail Rates and Fees:

Application Fee Waived
Setup Fee Waived

Retail main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover,
American Express & JCB.
Other supported payments: Debit cards, EBT, gift cards,
ATM & checks
Customer Support 24/7 toll free
(Customer & tech support centers
located in New Jersey and Arizona)
Free Terminal Features:
  1. Free preprograming
  2. Visa and MasterCard security compliant
  3. Internal PIN-pad
  4. built-in thermal printer
  5. Built-in modem
  6. Built-in smart card reader
  7. Fast 32-bit ATM 7 processor
  8. Multi-language font support and…
  9. simple to use
Other Features:
  1. Guaranteed fixed rates
  2. Online statements
  3. 98% approval rate