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Offshore merchant account


Setting an offshore merchant account requires professionalism and integrity!

Sign up with Offshore Merchants and enjoy a trusted merchant account provider: no hidden fees, no funds remittance delays! All sales proceeds are deposited on time and in the amount expected.

Offshore Merchants specializes in placing high risk merchant accounts from all industries (Adult, Timeshares, Travel Industry, Dating Services, Alcohol and many more) that no domestic bank will consider, even TMFs (Terminated Merchant/Match Files) are welcomed to apply.

Sign up with Offshore Merchants, get approved within 4-8 days, and re-start your online business using an offshore credit card processing account with no volume limits or geographical boundaries what so ever.

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Offshore merchant account

Offshore Credit Card Processing


Rates and Fees:

Discount rates 3.0% - 7.0% (depending on account type)

Main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover
Debit Cards Accepted: Visa and MasterCard logo
Rolling reserve: 10% for 6 months
Other features: Gaytway;
Virtual terminal;
API integration;
Free shopping cart;
Recurring billing &
Fraud detection suite.