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Offshore merchant account


Opening a merchant account has crucial impact on the entity. The act of opening an offshore merchant account has even deeper applications on how the entity conducts its business, controls its assets and manges its risks.

GFS wants to be there a minute before you make the decision.

With 18 years of experience in business consulting, GFS will analyze your needs, help you understand the different business formation models available, guide you through the geographical and tax aspects, help you incorporate and then provide you with the most suitable offshore credit card processing solution.

GFS offers its merchants payment gateways, Virtual Terminal, API integration, free shopping cart, fraud loss protection and fraud insurance.

Apply for an offshore merchant account with GFS - Guardian Financial Services to ensure you make the right decisions.

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Offshore merchant account

Offshore Credit Card Processing


Main features:

Business analysis, consulting and incorporation services
Wide range of payment gateway solutions
Virtual Terminal
Shopping Cart
API Integration
Batch Upload Processing
Electronic Check Processing
Recurring Billing
Fraud and Loss Protection & fraud insurance.