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Domestic Merchant Account

PowerPayServices provides credit card processing services to all kinds of domestic businesses, from small online startups to medium-large retailers.

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PowerPayServices is proud of its rates and 24/7 superb customer support. At zero cancelation fees, satisfaction is the only parameter that maintains a stable customer base and PowerPayServices maintains 98% of its customers.

Get a free shopping cart and connect your website automatically through an API for online credit card processing or use a virtual terminal to accept credit cards manually from any computer connected to the web.

Whether you operate an eCommerce site, run a small home business, own a restaurant or receive mail and phone orders – PowerPayServices has the solution for you.

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Become a Credit Card Merchant
Become a Credit Card Merchant

Domestic Credit Card Processing


Rates and Fees:

Card Present
(Retail Discount Rate)
as low as 1.75%
Card Not Present
(Internet, Mail, Phone orders)
as low as 2.25%
Transaction Fee:
Card present - 20 Cents/Transaction
Card not present - 25 Cents/Transaction
Monthly Statement Fee $10.00 per month
Internet Gateway Software Fee $15.95 per month
Termination No cancellation fees

Main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover
Shopping cart Included / Free
Realtime online site connection Included / Free
Online Virtual Terminal Included / Free
Customer Support Hours 24/7
Average Approval Time
Same day approval
(Amex & Discover require separate approval)