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Domestic Merchant Account

with PaynetSystems

Paynet Systems has a unique custom-made package for any business category: on-line business, mail/phone orders, mobile, B2B, retail and wholesale.

Sign up now and join over 30,000 businesses nationwide already accepting all major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Paynet Systems, established in 1999, is a leading credit card processing provider and a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.-Walnut Creek CA and Palm Desert National Bank, Palm Desert, CA.

Confident of its ability to provide the highest standard of service and satisfaction Paynet Systems enables merchants to terminate their credit card processing agreement without charging termination fees.

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Domestic Credit Card Processing

with PaynetSystems

Rates and Fees:

Card Present
(Retail Discount Rate)
as low as 1.59%
Card Not Present
(Internet, Mail, Phone orders)
as low as 2.19%
Transaction Fee 25 Cents per transaction
Monthly Service Fee $10.00 per month
Internet Gateway Software Fees:
Existing Gateway Reprograming - Free;
New Gateway Setup Fee - $39;
Monthly Gateway Fee - $10;
Per Transaction Fee - 0 to 5 Cnets.

Main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Diners Club
Shopping cart Included in Gateway package
Realtime online site connection Included in Gateway package
Online Virtual Terminal Included in Gateway package
Customer Support Hours 24 hours Technical Support
Established 1999