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This page is dedicated to Canadian merchants.

Signup with VersaPay, a 100% Canadian payment processing solution provider, for one-stop-shop payment services.

VersaPay will provide you with a merchant account, a propriety gateway that works in conjunction with the VersaPay virtual terminal that you need in order to start accepting credit cards.

If you don't have a real time online connected site that sells 24/7 and you only wish to add credit cards as a payment option to your mail or phone order business, no integration is needed!

For a full real time processing website, the VersaPay integration support team will lead you through the simple integration and the professional customer support will see that you process securely.

With VersaPay, your Canadian Dollars are in good hands.

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Get your Payment Gateway
Get your Payment Gateway

VersaPay merchant account

Rates and Fees:

Application & setup Fee $199.00/one time
Transaction Fee Visa & MC: 2.39% + 25 Cents/transaction
Gateway & Virtual Terminal support $29.99/month
Statement and funding Fee $9.99/month
Providing Daily Deposits.

Main features:

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard & American Express.
Other Features: Recurring billing;
email capabilities;
Comprehensive set of reports.