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The virtual terminal offered by Lift merchant services can help you gain control over your business, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection at your disposal.

Furthermore, it can serve as a perfect replacement for the swipe machine you keep at your storefront.

Signup with Lift and start processing securely, using 128-bit encryption, AVS and CVV checks and preauthorize capabilities. If you want to be stricter on fraud prevention easily add Mag-stripe readers and PIN pads.

Elevate your mail and phone order business to a higher level by starting credit card processing using LiftFS virtual terminal and merchant account.

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Get your Payment Gateway

LiftFS Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal Main features:

Customer Support 24/7 by RBSWorldPay call center
Simplicity No software instalation is needed
Flexibility Logon to the Virtual Terminal
web application from any
computer with internet access.
  1. 128-bit encryption;
  2. 3DES security;
  3. Credit card validations;
  4. Pre-auth transactions;
  5. CVV2 & CC2 support;
  6. AVS;
  7. For extra security add:
    mag-stripe readers or
    PIN pads.