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High risk merchant account?


The Credit Card Processing Directory is all about credit card processing, yet, as you must know by now, if your business is classified as high risk, you might find it hard to spot a direct or even a third party merchant account provider that will agree to take you onboard.

If this is the case, or if you want to attract shoppers not carrying credit cards, you might want to consider an alternative payment solution.

This is where Ballistic Merchant Services kicks in. It offers alternative payment processing solutions such as ACH (one time or recurring), Check 21 (that allows you to scan physical checks and process them online) and gift cards.

With 99.8% of approval Ballistic allows you to process checks and e-checks in lower costs as compared to credit card processing.

Sign up with Ballistic Merchant Services and add flexibility to your payment solutions - all high risk businesses are welcomed.

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Get your merchant account approved

High Risk Credit Card Processing Difficulties?

Get BallisticMerchantServices alternative payments

Main features:

• Alternative Payment solutions:
• check 21
• gift cards
• Get a free Gift Card Package:
• 30 Pre-Designed Gift Cards
• Your business name printed on card
• 30 free gift card sleeves
• 30 free gift card envelopes
• Sign, Sticker and more
• Other features:
• Multiple gateway platforms
• Real Time processing
• Immediate settlement
• Interactive reporting system
• Free account analysis