7 Responses to “Online PIN-only debit card processing”

  1. Yael Gilboa says:

    Hi Gidi,

    Who will need to implement this? The merchant? Acquirer? Gateway? IPSP?



  2. CCPrUs says:

    Yael, all of the above, and more.

    The merchants’ or IPSPs’ payment pages must be amended to enable shoppers to securely enter their cards’ PINs.

    The gateways’ APIs need to support passing encrypted PINs to acquirers.

    The acquirers need to accept PINs and send PIN authenticated transactions for authorization.

    The associations need to pass PINs to the issuers as part of the authorization requests.

    The Issuers must check PINs for transactions authorization.

    As PIN processing is well implemented in the offline world, at ATMs and POS terminals alike, the associations and issuers can easily adopt supporting same process online.

    Merchants, IPSPs, Gateways & Acquirers will all have to adjust the online process to support the PIN processing flow.


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  4. John says:

    The politics of money is just amazing, isn’t it?

    A technology breakthrough is immediately used by the financial players to bypass a justified legislation.

  5. CCPrUs says:

    Senator Dick Durbin sure identifies a good fight when he sees one… though I’m not sure everybody agrees with your “justified legislation” definition.

    Don’t forget that the Bill has a good deal of opposition to it, partially connected with the market’s ability to bypass the suggested legislation.

  6. Doris says:

    Online PIN-only debit seems to be the safest way to shop online.
    The graphical scrambling PIN pad is so neat!!!
    Why don’t all online merchants add it to their payment options?

  7. CCPrUs says:

    Many probably would, if they could…

    It requires all Credit Card Flow Participants to support online PIN-only debit transactions, and for most merchants this flow is currently blocked.

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