7 Responses to “Merchant Compliance – The Deadly Sins”

  1. Garry says:

    Hi Gidi, I thought of entering the adult arena. My partner and I came up with an idea, and we want to try it out there. it is not going to be the cutting edge hardcore. We found a nice untended spot that will speak to the more moderate crowed. reading your post I suddenly understand I might encounter problems opening a merchant account. How does this industry manage? Please tip me.

  2. CCPrUs says:

    Garry, Good Luck!

  3. Clair says:


    As an IPSP we are facing the risk of BRAM violation by our merchants.

    Are you familiar with third party content management that can help us minimize this risk?



  4. Dean says:

    Hey Gidi,

    We are a small off shore bank issuing prepaid debit MasterCards and have the same need.
    Are you familiar with a content compliance monitoring service we could use?


  5. CCPrUs says:

    Dear Clair and Dean,

    G2 Web Services are providing third party content compliance monitoring.

    You submit your customers’ URLs and get content monitoring reports.

    BRAM violations and potential BRAM violations are both indicated.


  6. Tom says:

    How are MasterCard’s BRAM definitions related to an issuing bank and what content, if any, can an issuing bank, issuing prepaid debit cards can possibly be asked to monitor? Why do they care? – It’s not like their merchant account can be terminated…?

  7. CCPrUs says:

    Issuers and acquirers alike, are regulated and audited by the credit card associations.

    MasterCard expects both issuers and acquirers to avoid activities which risk the MasterCard brand. If an issuer issues cards which support a “deadly sin” it is exposed and might lose its MasterCard membership/license to issue cards…

    There’s no doubt about it – they care!

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